Being between the photos 

 The photo series "Being between the photos" is a long-term project made up of diptychs of images. An invitation to read the meanings existing between two photographs. 

I started taking pictures in the 1990s. For me it was a way to write a kind of personal visual diary using black and white film. When I finished a film, I developed it and had a contact sheet printed out to see the results of my work. I loved that moment very much, when I saw all the photographs I had taken in sequence. However, it happened that, once the individual shots were selected and enlarged, something was often lost and many times I did not like the individual photos. So I realized that what I mostly loved to see was the connection between the photographs, rather than the individual shots. The transition of time, the trace of displacement, the flow of feelings. Taking a photo and immediately after another one, or shoot the next one a few hours later, moving to a different place and telling a different emotion, or even taking  it days, weeks, months later. Sometimes it happened that between two "adjacent" photos on the film there was a very particular casual relationship, from which a different and unexpected meaning flowed. Realizing this was magical for me. 

I take photos instinctively, but the relationship between the photographs seems like a process that has to do with my unconscious. This long-term project was born from this revelation. Over the years, I have collected several diptychs in which the link between the two individual images is particularly significant. And what I invite the viewer to do is not so much to look at two individual photos, rather to "read" the existential enigmas that the two photos seem to suggest. 

The images are deliberately printed in a very small 17.8x24 cm format (on baryta paper) and, once framed, they become 20x12.5x4.5 cm, so as not to give the impression that, rather than prints, they are contact sheets, and letting them maintain a sort of intimacy and concentration. Whatever use is made of the images, these must not be enlarged, but the original measurements must be kept. In the event that the photos are exposed, they must be placed on a single horizontal plane, side by side. 




Time machine



Be in his shoes

Sunday hug


Strumento di tortura alla mostra


Winter poem

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