Kei Nagayoshi

The existence which tells the story  

I think that photography is the crystallization of existence. It’s something far from the creation.

So I never tried to create the photograph. The photography opened me another eye to see the world with purity and without prejudice and it's asked me to accept the existence as well as I see it and love it. That's my way for taking a photograph and what I'm trying to have a relationship with my subjects.


Kei Nagayoshi (stage name of Kyoko Ishii) is a Japanese photographer born in Tokyo in 1968. She has been living in Milan since 1999.  

Passionate about photography since she was a child, she graduates from Tama Art University in Tokyo, where she studied photographic theory and contemporary art.  

After graduating, she works in a professional photographic studio as an assistant, but finding studio photography unsatisfactory, she decides to leave for a long trip in Europe and finally moved to Italy. Here she discovers reportage and is fascinated by it.  

Since 2007, she has been working on reportages and documentaries concerning poverty and social distress, moving away from the world of art that had characterized her previous path and dedicating her work to telling more real stories: immigrants, refugees, homeless, disabled, the consequences of war in former Yugoslavia, the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan.  

In January 2011 she participatES in the workshop "Profession Reporter_Speciale Afghanistan: PHOTOGRAPHING THE FIRST LINE" with photojournalist Sergio Ramazzotti (Parallelozero agency ). In April of the same year, she flies to Japan, where she spends almost a month documenting the earthquake and the tsunami disaster.  

The following year she photographs the life of a group of families from Fukushima. This experience upsets her deeply, causing her a nervous breakdown, from which she manages to get out by practicing, at the same time, a more personal photography, which helps her find a mental and emotional balance. 

In 2015 she returns to devote herself to artistic work, moving away from the photo reportage. 





“The Portrait of a Lady“ collaboration with Terra di Mezzo non-profit organization, at piazza Santo Stefano, Milan



"I Diptychs - Photographic Narrations" at the Marconi Cupra Marittima Gallery, curated by Luca Panaro


"Animals Between Art and Therapy" at the Aquarium and Civic Hydrobiological Station, Municipality of Milan


FINAL EXHIBITION of the 2017 LYNX Award, Lux Art Gallery - Trieste, Ajdovščina - Lokarjeva Galerija, Livorno - Cisternino Di Città


13th edition of Arte Laguna Prize 18.19 FINAL EXHIBITION VENICE Nappe Arsenale Nord, Venice. Finalist in the Photographic Art section

Premio COMBAT PRIZE 2019 
Artist reported by the jury in the photography section

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